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Supreme Memorials Offers Cremation Memorials For Your Loved Ones, Forever.

Cremation Memorials Forest Hills NY

Since 1951 Supreme Memorials has been helping families preserve the memories of their loved ones with cremation memorials that are beautiful and one-of-a-kind. Throughout the years we have preserved the same values and skills that our founders based the company on. Between our locations throughout Brooklyn and Staten Island we're proud to be one of the largest gravestone, mausoleum and columbaria provider throughout New York!

Mausoleums For Your Loved Ones in Forest Hills

If you do not have a cemetery plot, arrangements can be made to assist you in picking the right cemetery plot. We will go to the cemetery with you and your family to help you determine what type and location are right for your mausoleum. We also offer sarcophaguses and columbaria.

Different Types Of Mausoleums

Forest Hills NY's Top-Rated Cremation Memorials - Supreme Memorials - grey1Private Family Mausoleums

Private family mausoleums allow the family be in total control of how they will be remembered for decades to come. A private family mausoleum perpetually stands as a testament to a family's style, distinction, and accomplishment - a lasting symbol of lives that truly made a difference. There are many design options for the building layout, exterior, interior, and perpetual landscape of their mausoleum site.

Forest Hills NY's Top-Rated Cremation Memorials - Supreme Memorials - grey1Community Mausoleums

Unlike a private family mausoleum, community mausoleums are affordable, convenient, and provide an everlasting memorial to those entombed within. Families can purchase a space in a community mausoleum for one family member, or for their whole family. Some community mausoleums offer a semi-private space for families to purchase. For families wishing for above-ground entombment that cannot afford a private family mausoleum, or does not wish to undergo the planning involved with creating their own eternal estate, a community mausoleum is a viable choice.

Forest Hills NY's Top-Rated Cremation Memorials - Supreme Memorials - grey1Sarcophaguses

A sarcophagus is an above-ground tomb. Unlike a private family or community mausoleum, you cannot walk into a sarcophagus. A sarcophagus can be designed for one interment or to hold dozens of interments.

Columbariums & Cremation Memorials Forest Hills

Columbaria are growing in popularity as a unique and stunning option for memorialization. Consisting of any number of bronze vaults that contain cremated remains, columbaria can be anything from small monuments to elaborate structures.

Forest Hills NY's Top-Rated Cremation Memorials - Supreme Memorials - grey1Interior Columbaria

We often get requests to build custom columbaria inside of existing mausoleums and other structures, such as churches and chapels. At Supreme Memorials, Inc., we will work with you to create a design that fits seamlessly within any existing structure and work carefully and diligently as to not disrupt the surroundings in any way.

Forest Hills NY's Top-Rated Cremation Memorials - Supreme Memorials - grey1Additional Features Designed to Compliment Your Columbarium

Our master craftsmen can create a wide range of custom monuments to compliment and enhance your columbarium. We create beautiful memorial benches, statues, engraved bronze plaques, and much more. Let us handle every aspect of beautifying the landscape surrounding your columbarium to create the perfect environment for reflecting on the lives it memorializes.

Unlike the many providers of stock columbaria, the artists at Supreme Memorials, Inc. specialize in creating custom designs that can include engravings, statues, faceplates, and any number of unique features. We also assist in choosing the ideal site for your columbarium and design a layout that perfectly integrates with the existing landscape and surroundings.

If you're looking for cremation memorials for your loved ones or family members, don't hesitate to contact us today. We proudly serve the greater Forest Hills and New York areas with our one-of-a-kind mausoleums, columbariums, cremation memorials and more.