On-Site Monument Engraving

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Supreme Memorials, Inc. employs the area's finest engraving experts to perform the superior service that you and your loved ones deserve.

Whether the letters are knife-cut, frosted outline, hand-tooled or hand-drawn, our skilled engravers can match any style. This is what distinguishes Supreme Memorials, Inc. from other monument shops.

While most cemetery engraving work is done using a sandblast technique, we are one of the few firms left on the east coast that has the capability to match classic hand-carved letters on-site using the same painstaking craftsmanship that was used thousands of years ago.

We Offer On-Site Engraving for Existing Memorials

We often fulfill customer requests to add a name, date, or both to an existing memorial by performing on-site work at the cemetery. Additionally, we are able to add a verse or simple design without removing your monument or marker from the cemetery.

For more information, or to order on-site engraving for a monument, please visit our sister site, Monument Lettering!

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How Does the Engraving Process Work?

Once the team is on site, we carefully review our worksheets, the contract, and the cemetery permit to verify the information we have on your engraving request. We will then coat the area of the monument to be lettered with a filler that seals any small pits in the granite or marble.

Our carvers then mask the monument with the stencil and transfer the letters and numbers onto it before carefully cutting the lines with a sharp stencil knife. When the material from carving the letters is removed, these open areas are then sandblasted with silica sand until they are the same depth as the surrounding letters. If the work requires hand-carved lettering, the process is slightly different—we still protect your memorial and we still use a template, but the letters are cut using a hammer and a chisel.

Once finished, we will send you a formal acknowledgment of completion and photos of your newly engraved marker or headstone via e-mail or USPS.

What Cemeteries Do You Serve?

We serve the entire tri-state area with on-site etching and engraving, and can even ship a monument worldwide.

From our family to yours, we look forward to providing exemplary work that honors your loved ones. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to serve you and take pride in creating a memorial that will be cherished forever.